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Floor tiles deep cleaning

Floor tiles deep cleaning

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Flooring tiles can trap dust that are difficult to remove. This is especially so for textured surfaces where micro-gaps traps the dust, leaving a dusty feeling when you walk on it. Thats where 6 Days Flooring Tiles Deep Cleaning service steps in to clean the tiles thoroughly. Using our German cutting edge technology, we are able to suck up even the most stubborn dust that are trapped.

Making your vinyl tiles brand new again!

Vinyl floorings houses lots of bacteria and dirt that is often difficult to get rid of entirely. It is important to do a deep cleaning with our advanced German technology to completely get rid of dust and dir periodically.

Give your dirty worn out vinyl floors a new life with our cleaning and coating treatment! A restored surface can be achieved in a matter of hours!

With our vinyl shield coating, there is a protective layer which can minimise scratches, water seepage and bacteria build up!

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